Colour Adventures

Colour Adventures was started by Elena Nodel in 2012 out of a passion for fibre, colour and of course, knitting, especially for her daughter, Maya. As her daughter grew, she became the inspiration for her creative work in knitwear designs called ‘Anadiomena’, both for children and adults, and her amazing colours in her 'Colour Adventures' yarns.

Due to health issues, it was becoming more and more difficult for her and her husband to run Colour Adventures on their own. So they have partnered up with Camella and Ryan, owners of 'A Twist of Yarn' yarn shop in Vernon, BC, as an ongoing partnership. We will continue to offer the same beautiful bases and colourways, that Elena has created and we have all come to love!

We also would like our supporters to know is that for every skein purchased $1.00 is going back to Elena’s family as a legacy fund.  Elena passed away at a very young age, leaving behind a husband and 10 year old daughter that were actively involved with her in the business and this is our way of showing our (as a knitting community) appreciation for Elena's life work! 

You can always find her patterns on Ravelry (her profile there is Anadiomena), a place where we like to see what other people are knitting, showcase her own work, and just simply enjoy to be in touch with people that share our passion for knitting.